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LAB132, Klabater
Apr 21, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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🛰️ orbit.industries | Gameplay Trailer

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🌠 Orbit Industries 🌠 - Coming 2022! Wishlist now!👌

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Critic Reviews for orbit.industries

Although the general concepts remain the same for every campaign, the stories keep the game interesting, and varying requirements ensure the space station is different every time. Getting started can be difficult and unnecessarily complicated, but once the basics are understood, orbit.industries becomes a fun and occasionally intense experience that requires a fair amount of strategic thinking to complete. With the option to forego responsibilities in Creative mode, orbit.industries has plenty to offer for space and building game enthusiasts.

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If you're looking for an endless outer space toy box to play in (and there are options to play without a scenario goal or with unlimited funds), then orbit.industries is a fun diversion. Learn, and fail, and start again on your way to the stars. Just don't forget about the interest rates.

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orbit.industries is a good management experience that will appeal to anyone who has ever sketched a space station in a notebook or thought about the complexities of building in orbit. Its three core systems might not seem too deep, taken individually, but they interact to create satisfying complexity. It is hard but cool to put together a space station that functions as close to optimal as possible and also looks suitably sci-fi.

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