Fragrant Story

William Kage, Seven Silhouettes Enterprises
Apr 21, 2022 - Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Life
6 / 10
Goomba Stomp
No Recommendation
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Critic Reviews for Fragrant Story

Is Fragrant Story worth picking up? Sure, as a curiosity and conversation piece perhaps. Four bucks isn't much of an asking price, and the content on offer here is enjoyable and engaging for what it is. For the afternoon it'll take you to play Fragrant Story, you'll probably be satisfied with it - then you'll have seen everything it has to offer, move onto something else, and never boot it up again. If you decide to pass on this one, there's really not a whole lot that you're missing out on. Given its low price and goofy nature, though, it may be worth picking up just so you can say you grabbed the last game on the North American eShop before Nintendo locked the doors for good.

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Goomba Stomp

No Recommendation / Blank
Marc Kaliroff

Fragrant Story may not end the 3DS’ run of physical and digital games with that final whiff of beauty the system has long deserved since the Switch launched, but it does provide a serviceable tactical role-playing game. Those who keep their expectations in check and want more from everyone’s favorite glasses-free handheld will find some form of gameplay or social value in this release.

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