Little Cities

Purple Yonder, nDreams
May 12, 2022 - Oculus Rift
God is a Geek
8.5 / 10
75 / 100
8.5 / 10
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8.5 / 10
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Little Cities Media

Little Cities Release Date Trailer (Quest) thumbnail

Little Cities Release Date Trailer (Quest)

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Little Cities - Official Overview Trailer | Upload VR Showcase 2021

Critic Reviews for Little Cities

If you have a Quest and are looking for something to help you relax and wind down, Little Cities VR is the perfect city-builder to while away a few afternoons.

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Who knows – maybe the devs will add more in future updates after launch. Until then, Little Cities is a cute, colorful, well-made little city builder that will offer you lots of casual fun. If you can live with a limited city, and a lack of challenge, you’ll enjoy it. Relax, let the urban sprawl take shape, and just build.

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You will still have a ton of fun with Little Cities, regardless of which city building style suits you best. I do have a few gripes with its progression system and poorly crafted happiness meter, but I was able to quickly ignore its shortcomings and play the damn thing for as long as the Quest 2’s batteries allowed me to. It’s a joyful little piece of software that will win you over in a mere couple of minutes, and yet more proof that city building and virtual reality are a match made in heaven.

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Little Cities is a great city builder that provides players with tools and the opportunity to use them. There is a lot of freedom in how you get your city to level up, but not much else outside of that. Whereas some city-builders encourage the constant evolution of a city, Little Cities is much more about solving the puzzle of how to level your town based on different challenges the game puts in your way.

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