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You Suck At Parking

Happy Volcano
Sep 15, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for You Suck At Parking

Although You Suck at Parking gets harder and harder, it plays superbly, and the inventive nature of the tracks will keep you hooked.

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I had a lot of fun with You Suck at Parking, something I could stick on for the night and play while passing the controller back and forth with a friend to try and one-up each other when we kept inevitably failing. It has that communal feel, especially with its leaderboards, that will no doubt push people to try and perfect its Deathrun-like level design. I can’t wait to see what community pops up around it, but, unfortunately, I don’t think You Suck at Parking built enough of an identity to leave a lasting impression.

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You Suck At Parking is a quirky take on hardcore arcade games and platformers like Super Meat Boy that are built on frustration, but are addicting enough for one more run. The controls are somewhat satisfying and the challenge is enjoyable, but your skill level and dedication determines how deep into the game you get. Otherwise, it is fun for a few afternoons or an occasional session.

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You Suck at Parking introduces a creative twist to the isometric racing genre where "stopping" is the entire point. Its campaign is surprisingly extensive, with enough new obstacles and traps introduced throughout to keep things interesting. Unfortunately (and surprisingly), it's the multiplayer that lets the game down by not offering enough variety or reasons to keep coming back, even with a season pass hanging over your head.

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A challenging and addictive driving game, You Suck At Parking maximises a simple premise to provide hours of laughs and fun. Either in single player or against friends, this game is among the most pleasing arcade games you’ll play this year.

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You Suck at Parking is a crazy arcade racer that'll push you to your limits. Navigate windy roads, avoid obstacles, and park perfectly as you attempt to complete every stage.

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8 / 10.0

You Suck at Parking is a refreshing addition to the racing genre unlike any I have seen before.  The controls are simple and the gameplay is accessible but things soon develop into a far more complex challenge.  For those who prefer gaming in short bursts, this could be a popular title far into the future especially as the developers have promised much more content is still to come.

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It’s an entertaining, arcade “racer” at the top of its genre which allows the player to experience it however they wish. It’s a truly fun experience that pits you against your own ego, allowing for hours of both fun and rage

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