Super Jagger Bomb Reviews

Super Jagger Bomb is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Oct 14, 2022

I’m not going to declare Super Jagger Bomb the best retro-style arcade game you’ll ever play or anything, but it is a competently put together game, a loving homage to its source material and a rather playable little diversion that is well worth having on hand for when you fancy something simple and easily digestible to enjoy. And for £4.50 that’s nothing to complain about whatsoever.

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5.5 / 10.0
Oct 6, 2022

Super Jagger Bomb is just Bomb Jack with an average-at-best polygonal coat of paint. It plays just like a nearly forty year old game, with little to no interesting gameplay elements added to the mix. You might want to grab it if you have some sort of nostalgic feelings towards that Tecmo cult classic, but at the same time, if you do, the original Bomb Jack is available on the Switch eShop. You probably own it already.

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