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Flying Neko Delivery

Fractal Phase, Fractal Phase
Oct 20, 2022 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Gamer's Palace
43 / 100
Nindie Spotlight
5.2 / 10
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Flying Neko Delivery Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Flying Neko Delivery

The whole reason that I never found out if you can do any of these things is that this game is kind of hard to play. It was not very fun while I was fumbling with the controls for the first bit, then it was fun for a while, and then it got boring. I didn’t get to do anything but deliver packages, throw myself at impossible speeds across the world, and then fill my house with furniture. Once my house was full, I didn’t have anything to do with my money and I was delivering packages for no reason. I liked the concept of the game, I just wish there was a little more to hold my interest. This game has a lot going for it, but I’m not sure if this game is enough to hold anyone’s attention for more than a few hours.

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In Flying Neko Delivery, you're doing your best to deliver parcels - but only if your broom works once in a while. Rarely have I encountered controls as frustrating as here.

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With no quickly meaningful objectives, merely flying around empty landscapes making deliveries, this falls flat

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