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The Block

Paul Schnepf , Future Friends Games
Dec 16, 2022 - PC
Hardcore Gamer
3.5 / 5
8.5 / 10
6 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
3 / 5
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The Block (coming to Steam Dec16) thumbnail

The Block (coming to Steam Dec16)

THE BLOCK – A tiny city building game thumbnail

THE BLOCK – A tiny city building game

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Critic Reviews for The Block

Coming at arguably a fitting time of the year, The Block - simple and small in scale it may be - makes for an adequate palette-cleanser of a release.

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Pezh J.
8.5 / 10.0

Its simplistic nature might not be to everyone's taste, but The Block is a game for those who appreciate a few minutes of relaxation. A chilled experience that's prime for unwinding.

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Of course, The Block will only suit some gamers; those that like to have an end goal or more of a challenge won’t find it in this game. Instead, you will find a lovely, gentle, relaxing game to play and chill out with. The Block is soothing and the most uncomplicated, effortless game/digital toy I have ever played.

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Compared to many other “games as toys”, The Block feels limited. It’s an interesting, tiny city builder that challenges you to make use of finite space, but it fails to capitalise on its unique hook in any meaningful way. That said, if you’re looking for something to play after a rough day to work, there’s a satisfying vibe to the game that’ll fill an hour.

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The trailer for The Block immediately caught my interest with its sandbox genre, showing the ability to bring civilization to a blank piece of land. It looked simple but cozy and right up my street! Paul Schnepf, developer of The Ramp too, actually describes The Block as more of a digital, tiny toy, hence the tiny price tag.

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