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Sailing Era

GY Games, bilibili, Shanghai Hode Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Jan 11, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

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God is a Geek
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Screen Rant
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Lords Of Gaming
8.5 / 10
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Sailing Era is OUT NOW on PlayStation 5/4!! thumbnail

Sailing Era is OUT NOW on PlayStation 5/4!!

Sailing Era is now released on Nintendo Switch! thumbnail

Sailing Era is now released on Nintendo Switch!

Sailing Era - Official Steam and Epic Games Store Trailer thumbnail

Sailing Era - Official Steam and Epic Games Store Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Sailing Era

Sailing Era will definitely have its fans, but for me the constant menu navigating and overly complex mechanics made my time at sea fairly underwhelming.

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Sailing Era is a decent experience for players wanting intricate gameplay systems or craving high seas adventure, just don't expect an engaging story to go along with it.

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Sailing Life has depth, and if you can deal with its rough edges, you may appreciate the grand vision and intent behind it all. I would buy Sailing Life 2 in a heartbeat if the team polished the foundation up and got a better translation team, worked on the consistency of the aesthetics, and made the breadcumb trail less obtuse. Unfortunately, as unrefined as this is, it’s very difficult to imagine this finding much of an audience.

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Sailing Era can be a slow experience, as oftentimes there is no clear way to a given objective. However, this adds to the game’s overall sense of discovery, and sailing across the clear blue seas is surprisingly soothing. Players hoping for a more action-packed RPG experience may wish to stay in the harbor, but anyone looking to get lost in the feel of touring the world aboard an old-fashioned naval vessel might find Sailing Era up their alley.

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It’s a game that takes inspiration from one of my favorites of all time, so no matter what tiny issues I have with it, I can’t stay mad. It doesn’t always succeed in living up to Uncharted Waters, but the additions that it does make are solid. The best summary I can give is this: I’ve played a hundred hours of this game and am still excited to return for more. If you’re new to the sail anywhere genre, this could be a revelation. There isn’t much else out there that does what this game does. On the other hand, if you have played Uncharted Waters before, this may just be the return to form you are looking for. But be wary of the differences. They weren’t enough to ruin it for me, but I would understand if they did.

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