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Souls of Chronos

FUTU Studio, Astrolabe Games
Feb 14, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC

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Niche Gamer
6.5 / 10
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6 / 10
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Souls of Chronos | Launch Trailer | PlayStation 5 | Nintendo Switch | Steam PC | thumbnail

Souls of Chronos | Launch Trailer | PlayStation 5 | Nintendo Switch | Steam PC |

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Souls of Chronos | Steam PC | Announcement Trailer | Demo Available Now!

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Critic Reviews for Souls of Chronos

Souls of Chronos is a mediocre experience that will get lost in the shuffle of the plethora of fantastic RPGS we have available today. The potential for a fantastic visual adventure with an endearing duo is replaced by a mystery that's hard to become emotionally invested in. Hopefully, a sequel can take the good bits at the game's core and expand them into a fully fleshed out experience.

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All in all, Souls of Chronos is a fun ride. It combines polished action with an unpolished translation, but the bones of the story are still engaging. It explores the cycle of poverty, betrayal, and desperation. I don’t think it will be anyone’s game of the year. But if you’re a fan of nice action and RPGs, you should check this title out.

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Unknown Author
6.7 / 10.0

Souls of Chronos is a fair JRPG in a small package, with a good story and detailed writing. Unfortunately, due to the size of the game, almost all of the systems seem a little sketchy, and it's hard to say which part shines.

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Niche Gamer

6.5 / 10.0
Niche Gamer

Though if there does come a sequel for Souls of Chronos, I do want to be one of the first to play it. While there are many issues which plague the game in its current state. The world, plot, and many of the characters are interesting enough to catch most people’s attention.

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Souls of Chronos is, overall, a fun adventure. Taking inspiration from the right games to strengthen its base, it manages to bring that special feeling of classic JRPGs, despite being short. Unfortunately, the game is full of technical problems that end up affecting your experience.

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A compelling pair of lead characters and an interesting world, bogged down by a derivative combat system and a lack of polish. Not bad, but a far cry from being a must-play RPG.

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Souls of Chronos delivers a mixed bag of an experience. While I’m intrigued by the world and charmed by its main duo, lackluster combat and a narrative that felt at odds with its visual tone and star’s personality never allowed the game to truly come together in a way that feels satisfying.

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It does have a few interesting ideas under the hood, but the end result ends up being pretty lacking across the board.

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