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Joon Shining

Orchid of Redemption , Lamplight Forest
Feb 17, 2023 - PC
The Game Crater
7 / 10
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Joon Shining - Launch Trailer

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Joon Shining - Release Date Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Joon Shining

Joon Shining is a pretty good puzzle game by design, but I found it stressful. I couldn’t get my ball to flow as well as it looks in the game’s trailer. Furthermore, I understood the challenge and the design the developers were going for, but it just failed to click with me. I loved the soundtrack and meditative look of the game, but that’s not how I felt playing it. Joon Shining is unlike any golf game I have played, and I can see this being something players will enjoy if they’re looking for a different take on the genre and are up for the challenge it presents. I highly recommend downloading the free demo and giving it a go. If it clicks, show a budding indie developer some support. If you give Joon Shining a chance, it may shine a light on your gaming night

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Joon Shining features stunning worlds with unique obstacles, power-ups, and challenges. The learning curve is small, making it easy for anyone to learn to play quickly. The game places emphasis on fostering a tranquil atmosphere, and players can restart at any point during the level to try again. However, some levels can be cluttered, and some players may struggle with the WASD keyboard controls and the difficulty.

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