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Joon Shining

Orchid of Redemption , Lamplight Forest
Feb 17, 2023 - PC
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Joon Shining - Launch Trailer

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Joon Shining - Release Date Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Joon Shining

Joon Shining is a pretty good puzzle game by design, but I found it stressful. I couldn’t get my ball to flow as well as it looks in the game’s trailer. Furthermore, I understood the challenge and the design the developers were going for, but it just failed to click with me. I loved the soundtrack and meditative look of the game, but that’s not how I felt playing it. Joon Shining is unlike any golf game I have played, and I can see this being something players will enjoy if they’re looking for a different take on the genre and are up for the challenge it presents. I highly recommend downloading the free demo and giving it a go. If it clicks, show a budding indie developer some support. If you give Joon Shining a chance, it may shine a light on your gaming night

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