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Persona Theory Games, Wings, Plug In Digital
Apr 4, 2023 - PC, Xbox One
70 / 100
Checkpoint Gaming
6 / 10
80 / 100
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Critic Reviews for Kabaret

The simple gameplay of Kabaret is rescued by a beautiful artstyle buttressed against a fascinating narrative that is rooted richly in Southeast Asian folklore and mythology. Jebat's struggle to understand his own feelings towards humanity is absorbing in the way that it explores self loathing and doom, while ultimately allowing the player to shape the future of the Kabaret.

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Kabaret has ambition, but that ambition gets in its own way. It asks tough questions and never shies away from the realities of life. Different perspectives are properly explored which provides depth for each viewpoint. It deftly weaves Southeast Asian culture into the story and it immerses you in the culture. But the story becomes too complicated and loses its best messages towards the end. The lack of stakes for the mini-games also makes them less appealing. Preparing tea is unnecessarily hard and vague, becoming a frustrating activity instead of a relaxing one. It's a good visual novel with stories that don't shy away from difficult content, but one you're unlikely to revisit often because it feels like a lot of work.

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Persona Theory Games' second game, Kabaret, is a great one that is both a bigger and better narrative experience compared to their previous title. Kabaret is a quintessential experience for the best that the region's games industry has to offer right now, and it's more proof of why the world should start paying attention to developers from this region.

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