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Apr 10, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Rendezvous

The adventure game genre has been revived in the last couple of years, so it has become harder for such a game to stand out. Rendezvous is trying to offer its own take on the genre by adding action elements, but more often than not it’s these moments that make the game worse.

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Rendezvous is a great-looking retro-inspired title full of Indonesian culture, which is hindered by its frustrating combat system, repetitive gameplay, and bad voice acting in a predictable story. The game is quite short, so if you are frustrated, it won't last for too long.

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Rendezvous is a beautiful-looking game let down by some unfortunate gameplay design decisions. It has a stunning visual aesthetic, blending retro pixel art with modern lighting and rendering effects to create a suitably atmospheric and moody cyberpunk vibe. However, it is held back by bland combat, cheap instant-fail stealth segments, and puzzles that vary between overly-simple and frustratingly unintuitive. While the city of Neo-Surabaya is vibrant and intriguing, the action-movie main plot doesn't leave much space for exploration or immersion. There are some neat ideas in Rendezvous, but fans of adventure games will be left wanting.

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Incredibly personal environments and storytelling more than make up for some slightly outdated mechanics to make Rendezvous a thoroughly enjoyable and unique cyberpunk experience.

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