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Greyhill Incident

Refugium Games, Perp Games
Jun 9, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Greyhill Incident - Launch Trailer

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Greyhill Incident - Alien Day Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Greyhill Incident

Greyhill Incident is a tedious horror game that mangles everything from its story to its stealth.

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Greyhill Incident could have cornered a niche in the market, yet its forgettable story, poor dialogue, and lazy gameplay make it one to miss.

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With a cliche yet surprisingly untapped theme, Greyhill Incident had the potential to be a great indie horror game. Sadly, any potential the game may have had was squandered by extremely janky gameplay. While the game is beautiful and atmospheric, its looks don't save it from being at best a painful walking sim, and at worst a total chore.

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Greyhill incident is an unpleasant and downright laughable attempt at a sci-fi survival horror game. Rancid dialogue, shonky game design, wafer-thin substance, and a complete lack of cohesive storytelling are just the tip of a very large iceberg of problems.

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With moments that genuinely capture the eerie otherworldliness often associated with UFO and Alien culture, The Greyhill Incident, at times, feels truly out of this world. However, as far as the overall game is concerned, players should let these ETs return home.

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Greyhill Incident is a frustrating slog through the cornfields and farmlands of the fictional town the game is named after. Stealth combat is plodding, robotic, and frustrating. The dark visuals only contribute to the problem. While the idea is intriguing, Greyhill is severely underwhelming and undercooked. This is one alien invasion you should probably avoid altogether.

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The Greyhill Incident has a great creepy atmosphere, so you'll be really scared of the alien invasion. But that's about all we can praise in the game. The rest is poor quality.

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If you like stealth horror titles, 90s things, and alien games, you should definitely give Greyhill Incident a shot - just be warned, it runs quite short!

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