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Pro Cycling Manager 2023

Cyanide Studio, Nacon
Jun 8, 2023 - PC
65 / 100
8 / 10
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Pro Cycling Manager 2023 🚴‍♂️ Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Pro Cycling Manager 2023


Mindful Phill
65 / 100

While Pro Cyclist Manager 2023 stands out as a commendable attempt in catering to a specific audience, its barriers to entry are undeniable. It's a game that requires persistence and a willingness to learn, making it a gem for simulation enthusiasts. Yet, the game's overwhelming complexity and steep learning curve can deter newcomers. Further, its outdated visuals and unintuitive user interface detract from its appeal. These aspects, when juxtaposed, highlight a game teetering between profound immersion and potential inaccessibility. However, when it hits its stride, the game is genuinely captivating, underlining why this series has retained its popularity for so long and is truly an unforgettable experience.

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Considered on its own, Pro Cycling Manager 2023 is a good cycling management simulation. It’s fun to create a custom team, fill it with youngsters, and try to dominate the sport in 3 to 5 years. Playing the official stages of this year’s Tour de France with any team in the peloton creates interesting situations and challenges. But the title fails to offer enough innovation when compared to last year’s installment. Anyone who still plays PCM 2022 should stick with that game until their favorite mod is updated. Pro Cycling Manager 2023 has solid core mechanics but the franchise needs to be more innovative going forward.

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