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Enchanted Portals

Xixo Games Studio
Sep 6, 2023 - PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Enchanted Portals

Enchanted Portals takes the foundations of a familiar game in both style and substance, yet fails to provide a compelling experience in either regard. There's clear effort being put into this game in terms of the art and animation, yet the gameplay feels far more unpolished than appearances would have you believe. Random level designs and frustrating enemy placement leads to a game that irritated far more than I would have hoped, with a good amount of my losses not feeling close to my fault.

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Enchanted Portals falls far from its influences due to its poor execution. The controls are not tight enough for a precision-based shooter and the bosses lose momentum due to the transition between stages. There’s some creativity with the design and it does achieve the 30s cartoon aesthetic, however, gameplay issues hinder the overall experience.

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Enchanted Portals should have been so much better, and it really could have! Give us more polished controls, more interesting characters, more engaging cut-scenes and more impetus to play!

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Enchanted Portals looks great within its charming old-school cartoon world but it mostly plays like a bargain bin Super NES game.

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Enchanted Portals looks delightful, with 2D animation reminiscent of childhood cartoon favorites, but its monotonous gameplay and artificial difficulty make for a hollow gaming experience that's frustrating in all the wrong ways.

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Enchanted Portals copies almost everything about Cuphead, except for the precision of its mechanics, the tightness of its design and the enjoyment gleaned by mastering it. All the good bits really…

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Enchanted Portals is a soulless, disappointing attempt at capturing the magic and ingenuity that filled Cuphead to the brim. Its bland gameplay, frustrating controls, and erratic difficulty spikes (for all the wrong reasons) don’t hold a candle to the mostly pleasant visual elements on display here.

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Enchanted Portals is a 2D platform game with a clear inspiration in Cuphead, but with its playable shortcomings. A title that will undoubtedly test your reflexes (and your patience) thanks to its frenetic action and whose greatest virtue lies in its artistic style and the fights against the final bosses. Finishing it can take you 4-5 hours in the normal version and depending on how skilled you are. Without a doubt, this is a very enjoyable game if you liked Cuphead and it has the merit of having been developed by a team of two people, who also do not seem to close the door to a possible continuation of the game, something that has already been done. Studio MDHR with Cuphead The delicious last course.

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