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Sprout Valley

RedDeer Games, Vadzim Liakhovich
Sep 8, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Thumb Culture
3 / 5
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Sprout Valley | Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Switch | Steam | thumbnail

Sprout Valley | Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Switch | Steam |

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Critic Reviews for Sprout Valley

Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

Sprout Valley is an adorable game with an identity that unfortunately works to its detriment. The simplicity may be a selling point that attracts some, but I imagine even those will end up disappointed with a lack of things to do and build. I can see Sprout Valley building an audience on Nintendo Switch, where people will check in on their island for minutes at a time. The game has an incredibly solid foundation, but the features here need to be expanded on.

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If you want a cozy simple game, Sprout Valley may be just your vibe. Finding your routine is relaxing, and there are no punishments or surprises. Everything is cute. If you’re all about planning, engaging your brain, working out the time management… I suggest you give it a pass. There isn’t anything here for the explorers or people who like meeting a variety of characters. But maybe, like Nico, you just want to make a simple home and achieve simple goals! I could see this being a perfect treat for sick days or other low-key recovery times. For a comfy distraction, it does very well.

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