Golf Vs Zombies

Sleepwalking Potatoes, Hyperstrange
Sep 15, 2023 - PC
Thumb Culture
3 / 5
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Golf Vs Zombies Media

Golf VS Zombies | Release Trailer thumbnail

Golf VS Zombies | Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Golf Vs Zombies

Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

What you have here is two genres brought together in a wacky and quirky way and the end product is an exciting experience. The golf aspect is what you’d expect from a typical golfing game, tranquil and can be about utilising the wind and clubs to get to the hole faster. The zombie element is full of tension and more acting in the moment to combat any foes in your path. A truly contrasting approach to both genres and one that excited me. I’d recommend anyone give this game a go, especially with friends as it’s a funny and exciting experience.

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