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Alientrap, Alientrap Games Inc.
Nov 8, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PC
The Beta Network
6 / 10
Saving Content
3 / 5
5 / 10
Explosion Network
6.5 / 10
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Gunhead Trailers

Gunhead - Release Date Trailer thumbnail

Gunhead - Release Date Trailer

Gunhead - Release Date Trailer | PS5 Games thumbnail

Gunhead - Release Date Trailer | PS5 Games

Gunhead - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer | The Mix Showcase March 2023 thumbnail

Gunhead - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer | The Mix Showcase March 2023

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Critic Reviews for Gunhead

Gunhead is a FPS roguelike that promises a level of challenge with its procedurally generated levels and unique gunplay system. However, it can't escape the monotonous rinse and repeat formula of the gameplay, and the samey level design. The inclusion of a sporadic half-baked narrative in this style of game just leaves a lot to be desired.

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GUNHEAD is a fine game on its own, because it contains all the pieces that made CRYPTARK so good. That said, GUNHEAD feels surprisingly unambitious as it plays just like its forebear, albeit through a different lens. I’ll say that if you didn’t like the 2D side-scrolling shooting of CRYPTARK , then the 3D first-person shooting of GUNHEAD is probably more appealing. It’s unfortunate that the 3D space is hard to gain awareness of approaching dangers, and the fact it resembles the prior game so much that it doesn’t feel new or fresh. GUNHEAD contains the formula of a great a tried-and-true roguelike that you should at least try before you buy.

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Gunhead has potential to be something great with its traversal and strategy, but is marred by uninteresting boss design, drab levels, and little use for its overblown arsenal.

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A simple and effective game that never seeks to be an overwhelming experience. It mostly achieves its goals of offering a Pirate Mech roguelike adventure, raiding derelict spaceships for their booty and combating the obstacles and enemies along the way.

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