Dodonpachi DaiOuJou Blissful Death Re:Incarnation

Dec 7, 2023 - Nintendo Switch
5 / 5
Nintendo Life
10 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Dodonpachi DaiOuJou Blissful Death Re:Incarnation

The most refined, purebred 2D shooter there is returns, perfectly preserved and bolstered by a range of alternate versions old and new, and a bounty of customization options.

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Tasked with saving a business rather than allow it a peaceful death, DoDonpachi DaiOuJou strove for excellence back in 2002, and achieved its goal. Whether fuelled by desperation or a desire to one-up the competition, the balancing and execution here comes closer to perfection than any other in the bullet-hell sub-genre. When you tap into its rhythm and begin to bend the game to your will, Hypers raining down, giant lasers decimating the screen amidst an epic hell-storm, it's poetry: the kind of unbroken euphoria and beat-by-beat accomplishment that gaming was created for. And, if a game can be played infinitely, its power and genius never diminished, its achievement never lessened, when does a 10 stop being a 10? Never.

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