Viva Media, Whalebox Studio
May 12, 2016 - PC

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Goliath Media

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Critic Reviews for Goliath

I could go on, of course, but the main idea is that Goliath, for having an authentically fun concept is not that much fun itself, venturing into being frustrating and overly cynical. I often thought of other games I'd rather play, not because the experience was that bad but more because it felt like filler. Goliath itself is a task and a rather underwhelming one at that.

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It's refreshing to see a wave-based shooter that doesn't quickly devolve into a mindless numbers game. Good Goliath's storybook art style and settings are varied and interesting, and the throwing mechanic starts off simple and ends somewhere past chaos, but in a fun and rewarding way. While the peasants may not like you much, Good Goliath is a great game for your whole giant family.

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The gameplay isn't bad, but it's not great either and there are certain glaring problems with some parts of its execution.

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Goliath is an ambitious project. While a lot of its design ideas are really interesting, the execution of those ideas failed at every turn.

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At the very least, Goliath is a valiant effort in adapting a series of unique mech battles into a more fantasy-themed action RPG.

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Try as I might, even with my fervent obsession/love of the survival genre, 'Goliath' isn't doing anything for me. I very much want it to, because the idea of making big primitive mechs while doing typical crafty stuff actually sounds pretty good on paper. 'Goliath' comes up short on almost all fronts, unfortunately.

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