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Corn Kidz 64

BogoSoft, Diplodocus Games
Oct 16, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
8 / 10
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Corn Kidz 64 Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Corn Kidz 64

Corn Kidz 64 feels like a genuine title from the N64 era and we commend the developer for their ability to successfully recreate that retro experience. A perfect length, good pacing, and varied design all work in this game's favor, though its sluggish controls and awkward camera hold it back from greatness. All the same, it's only seven bucks-we'd give this one a recommendation to anyone looking for a decent new 3D platformer for their library.

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Corn Kidz 64 may have its fair share of issues, but it clicked with me. The visuals, the exact kind of instrumentation you’d expect from an 12MB cartridge, the nonsensical emphasis on collecting everything on sight… it’s all there. Add in some charming animations and some shockingly great level design, and what you have here is basically a staple for all future indie developers to look upon when deciding to make a N64-inspired retro platformer.

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