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Dread Delusion

Lovely Hellplace, DreadXP
May 14, 2024 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Dread Delusion

Dread Delusion brims with an exhilarating sense of discovery that starts to wobble in the final act.

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While the throwback graphics and simplistic combat won't appeal to many, the authentic and original story and endlessly fascinating world make Dread Delusion feel like a long-lost cult classic.

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Dread Delusion is a fun romp in a fleshed-out world, definitely worth undertaking for the meagre price of admission.

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Dread Delusion fills a specific niche that hasn’t been touched in decades. While I wouldn’t recommend this game to just anyone, Dread Delusion sets a high bar for adventure RPGs and utilizes its art style to perfectly capture the era of gaming it draws inspiration from.

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Dread Delusion is a visual feast (at least from a distance), but its philosophical dilemmas and wickedly cool world do not make up for its total lack of depth in combat, exploration, and questing that make the otherwise-beautiful game a chore.

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Though some aspects of the game may be polarizing, Dread Delusion is undoubtedly a unique and exciting title, built for fans of classic RPGs to enjoy. Some will love it, and some will hate the game’s retro aesthetic, but no RPG enthusiast can deny the game’s excellent world-building and engaging stories.

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Dread Delusion offers an interesting universe and a gorgeous art style, but both are thoroughly wrapped up in a mechanically thin and ultimately unsatisfying RPG experience. The Oneiric Isles capture the spirit of the RPG worlds of the past, and there’s a wide breadth of content and characters to learn more about throughout them, but Dread Delusion’s decided lack of difficulty, one-note combat, and widespread balancing issues actively distract from its highly enjoyable world.

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Not flawless, but nevertheless a masterpiece. Dread Delusion is a best hits compilation of all that 2000s RPGs had to offer and then some, creating one of the best video game worlds of this decade.

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