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Coffee Caravan

Broccoli Games , Broccoli Games
May 20, 2024 - PC
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Coffee Caravan - Release Date Trailer

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Coffee Caravan - Gameplay Trailer - Wishlist NOW!

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Critic Reviews for Coffee Caravan

Coffee Caravan is a surprising riff on one of today’s most popular subgenres, and what’s more surprising is that it works pretty well, so long as what you want is a game that speed runs you through a sleek restaurant management sim with the promise of some useful goodies to unlock. I found the harder options to be pretty intimidating at first, but catching the rhythm of brewing, serving, cleaning, and then doing it again is a lot of fun in short bursts, and the lack of harsh consequences means you don’t feel burned for trying. That said, it really is a game best played in short sessions, and its quick run times make that easy and fun to do without risking burnout. The gradual recipe unlocks also adds variety without being overwhelming, and the result is a well-done, small-scale game that handles its strange little niche quite smoothly. Its minimalism and short-run flair mean it might not be for everyone. Still, for those looking for a quick visit to the land of Zen and the Art of Coffee, Coffee Caravan is a determined offering that stays grounded in the world of sims yet whimsical enough to throw that gentle rogue-lite style in the mix.

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