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Eugen Systems
May 23, 2024 - PC
8.3 / 10
9 / 10
4.5 / 5
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WARNO: Version 1.0 Official Launch Trailer! thumbnail

WARNO: Version 1.0 Official Launch Trailer!

WARNO: "Let The Battle Commence" Trailer thumbnail

WARNO: "Let The Battle Commence" Trailer

WARNO "Warning Order", CENTAG introduction! thumbnail

WARNO "Warning Order", CENTAG introduction!

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Critic Reviews for Warno

WARNO doesn't go easy on the player (especially if you are not a veteran of RTS games), but its depth and all the choices it has to offer can be extremely satisfying.

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WARNO is a great World War III strategy game. It takes the best elements of previous titles created by Eugen Systems and expands on them. Battles are realistic but also fun. The five Army General campaigns will keep a fan engaged for tens of hours. Multiplayer is robust, with a variety of maps and divisions to choose from.

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If you read all that…first of all, thank you, but if you went “I understood none of that, that is the most boring thing I’ve ever read,” then this probably isn’t your kind of game. If you said, “That sounds like the most amazing thing I have ever heard,” then you can do all that and more in Warno.

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