Viking Squad

Slick Entertainment Inc.
Jun 30, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5
Push Square
7 / 10
8 / 10
9 / 10
8.5 / 10
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Viking Squad Announce Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Viking Squad

Viking Squad isn't the most creative or exciting beat-'em-up on the market, but it's easily one of the most consistent. Packing a colourful campaign across a series of varied stages - complete with alternate routes that add a lot of replay value - this is a well made arcade brawler that's especially fun with friends.

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Viking Squad is one of those games that's both fun and challenging to play, doing beat 'em ups justice all the while. While it does stumble on how it treats upgrades, it still manages to shine.

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Co-Op too is a treat to play, with each warrior having specific attacks and specials that benefit other warriors in very different ways (I.E. my Sword & Shield warrior can freeze enemies, allowing Luke, who was playing a Ranger, to easily snipe enemies with a charged attack); whilst there isn't friendly fire, there is environmental damage, so you have to be careful where you're throwing those bombs! The game also supports local 3-player co-op, however one minor issue I had was that you can't do this AND play online, which was a little depressing since a game like this shouldn't have these sorts of limitations. All in all, Viking Squad is an exciting, engaging and often challenging romp through viking mythos, that looks, sounds and plays the part. Definitely one I'm going to be replaying over and over again!

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Viking Squad is a genuinely fun beat-em-up affair with plenty of loot to collect and secrets to find. It rewards precision over brute force and always manages to stay one step ahead of repetition.

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