Dead In Bermuda Reviews

Dead In Bermuda is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
75 / 100
Sep 13, 2015

Dead in Bermuda is without a doubt an interesting game, from the comic book art style and oddball characters to the challenging resource management. Though this game is somewhat of a mixed bag, I'd say that you'll come away from it with mostly positive feelings. It is strange but enjoyable, and perhaps the vision was too ambitious for the final product.

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Jordan Hurst
Top Critic
4 / 10
Aug 28, 2015

Dead in Bermuda is a game about solid characters that doesn't have any character of its own. It's an uninspired title with a warped sense of progression, most notable for the inevitably divisive conclusion waiting for users who stick with it for 15 hours. That probably won't be a very large percentage, because this is, at best, mildly fulfilling in the same way a run-of-the-mill MMO can be: because humans are instinctively fascinated by rising meters and numbers. Anyone who wants some engaging gameplay with their numerical Skinner box would be better served elsewhere.

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