Sonic: Lost World

Nov 2, 2015 - PC

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Sonic Lost World - Trailer (Wii U)

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Critic Reviews for Sonic: Lost World

Sloppy controls make for an infuriating platformer. If you want a modern Sonic game, get Generations instead.

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To say that Sonic has had a rough time since transitioning to 3D would be a massive understatement; after his glory days on the Genesis, nothing was the same for Sonic.  Many people would defend at least a few of the Sonic games released between 1995 and 2009, but few would argue that the era as a whole was a rather painful, dark age.  Sonic Colors in 2010 was a turning point and Sonic console games have been in an upswing since its release.  This means that Sonic Lost World actually has some expectations to live up to.  Can it continue the cautious optimism that the Sonic games have finally won back?  While there are certainly some problems with the game, the overall answer is yes.

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While it looks and sounds fantastic, Sonic Lost World is hobbled somewhat by poor level design and an immediately oppressive difficulty. It still retains some appeal, but oh, what could have been...

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Occasional moments of brilliance do very little to elevate what is otherwise a terrible, poorly designed game. It's an unfortunate mash of ill-fitting, ill-conceived ideas, leaving us with yet another poor Sonic game.

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games™ Team
6 / 10

Not great, but not a lost cause

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It can be a little "on-the-rails", but it's a very nice looking, smoothly playing platformer.

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Past 3D Sonic games have ranged from absolutely dismal to infrequently entertaining, but 'Lost World' represents something outrageously new for the Sonic Team over at Sega. They are finally making a real step in the direction of that original vision: translating Sonic's platforming and speed into 3D, thrills and all. But the number of levels that take advantage of Sonic's new movement systems are equaled by the number of levels that don't, which makes 'Sonic Lost World' a grab bag of success and failures, frustration and elation. Fans should seek out this game for its intermittent success and, more importantly, with great anticipation for potential sequels. More time and refinement could see this new vision as a great platformer, not just a great start.

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It is an unfortunate reminder of the struggles of 21st century Sonic titles and may have started a new cycle of series mediocrity.

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