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Corgi Warlock

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 3, 2015

Developer: Xander's Corgi Arcade

Genres: Action, Platformer

CORGI WARLOCK – Maia, the great Corgi Warlock, sets out on a quest to defeat the EVIL BUNNY KING and his army of undead, strange, and pointy-object wielding minions. Based on a true story*, follow the exploits of Maia as she battles nefarious creatures of the BUNNY ARMY with her magic. Just a couple of the dangerous foes Maia will face include Narwhals throwing their horns (Warning: Narwhal horns are quite stabby.), Sheep with Torches (Warning: Sheep are flammable. Don't try this at home.), Salamander Rogues (Warning: All Salamanders are rogues.), and 67 other adorable yet deadly enemies. If Maia can't do it alone, she can team up with her pals The Prophet Pig-J (Origin: The Sties of the Undershire) , The Magic Pug (Origin: Unknown), and the Fish Mage (Origin: The Ocean). With their powers combined not even the dreaded Bunny King himself will stand in their path... Or so they hope.

Corgi Warlock Critic Reviews

Corgi Warlock has a great concept and decent core mechanics, but never quite elevates itself into an engaging or memorable game.

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Despite the laundry list of things that are just not right about Corgi Warlock, it remains an enjoyable game. What's more, for a first attempt it's not that bad at all. The game has all the hallmarks of a fun indie effort: an insane cast of characters, good enough challenge, and a cartoony production. It's just in the execution and slightly confused gameplay is where it falters and unfortunately, casts a big shadow over what little positive points the game has to offer.

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