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Sekai Project, CreSpirit
Jan 28, 2016 - PC

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7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Rabi-Ribi

Rabi-Ribi is a fun game and I had a great time exploring the levels, collecting abilities, and developing my character. I had an even greater time putting my thumbs to the test with the addictive and unforgiving boss battles. Unfortunately, for a game to be truly great, the full package needs to shine, and that is not the case with Rabi-Ribi. While gameplay and is engaging and well-designed, the visuals, story, and audio are all lacking, and no amount of bullets can ever make me turn my head to those flaws.

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If the story is nonsensical, the fighting and platforming are great fun.

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Rabi-Ribi is a brilliant blend of metroidvania and bullet hell with nice visuals and a catchy story and a great difficulty curve.

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Rabi-Ribi is a fantastic Metroidvania that injects a whole heap of originality into a genre that's arguably a bit overdone at this point. The bullet-hell boss battles are thrilling, the soundtrack is absolutely superb, and the RPG mechanics are really useful without being overwhelming. On the negative side, the storyline fails to excite, and we would have liked a bit more variety with the character design, but overall this is a great, 'feel good' game that deserves to be played if you're after a different flavour of Metroidvania.

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I was happy to find that Rabi-Ribi was, on the whole, a totally unexpected and delightful discovery for me on PS4. While I wasn't enthused by what I initially saw in trailers and such, I found myself happily proven wrong by the actual content.

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Although the bullet hell action can be too intense at times, those that persevere and see Erina's adventure to the end will be rewarded with one of the best titles in the genre.

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If you like the idea of battling a host of girls wearing bunny or cat ears with a variety of magical attacks and a huge hammer, then Rabi-Ribi is for you. This platforming and bullet hell fusion is worth a look – just make sure you close the curtains before booting it up on your new 50-inch 4K screen.

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There are cute bunnies and lovely fairies, but Rabi-Ribi remains a serious metroidvania, hard to master and challenging to complete.

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