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Draw 2 Survive

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General Information

Available on:Wii UApr 14, 2016

Developer: Unit DTH Studio

Genres: Puzzle, Strategy

Can you draw a circle? Can you draw a straight line? Can you scribble? Then you can survive, at least for a little while, in this fast paced game of quick reflexes and split second decisions. Grab your Wii U™ GamePad Stylus and get ready to stay alive! Try to keep the ball alive as long as possible by drawing lines and avoiding obstacles in "Survival Mode", go for the Best Time. Enjoy Survival mode right now and keep your eyes peeled for the planned updates to this title of a four player Multiplayer mode(local play only) and a Single Player story mode! All planned content and updates will be free! So grab your stylus and get to surviving!

Draw 2 Survive Critic Reviews

Draw 2 Survive actually does appear to have plans for more in its future. The developer is responsive on its Miiverse page, and additional modes such as Local Multiplayer and a single-person Story Mode have been promised as future free additions. As it stands now, however, Draw 2 Survive does not offer much more than the occasional waster of a few minutes' time. What it could provide, however, might make it worth keeping an eye on for when its content crosses the finish line.

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Other than those issues, there really isn’t much else when it comes to Draw 2 Survive. Currently, there is only the single ‘Survival’ mode which is playable. The reason why I said “currently”

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