Cosmic Logic
Apr 2, 2015 - PC
3 / 10
5 / 10
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[REC] Shutter - Horror Game [Official Trailer] thumbnail

[REC] Shutter - Horror Game [Official Trailer]

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games™ Team
3 / 10

The spirit may be willing but the game is weak

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Retro aesthetics are starting to aim for the 90s, and Shutter brings that beautiful, low-res polygonal structure to the forefront. The problem is that it doesn't feel like a full experience. With annoying and clunky controls, a handful of subpar jump scares, and little to actually do, this is more of a trailer for missed opportunities than a fully realized game. The concept of taking photos of creepy areas could have been more, but Shutter seems content just letting the whole thing be.

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I think the folks at Team Scoop laid out a nice groundwork here. They clearly know how to make lively environments with good atmospheric sound, full voice acting, and matching music to add to the mysteriousness of the place. The lack of puzzle variety could also fit into the narrative as a free sample to a much larger world, showcasing other potential challenges to solve with the Dimensional Camera. I’d gladly pay for such content and treat Shutter in its current state as an Episode 1 kind of deal because looking at it from that perspective really makes the game worth experiencing. Portal and Portal 2 fans should be able to get a nice kick out of this title. I look forward to seeing Team Scoop expand on this promising universe.

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While Shutter probably doesn’t fit in well with most modern horror games, it does a great job of packing a good, creepy punch that’s reminiscent of early horror games.

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