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General Information

Available on:PCApr 2, 2015

Developer: Cosmic Logic

Genres: Horror, Adventure, Real-Time Strategy

Re-live a dark and haunting tale in this fixed camera puzzle-horror game RE-miniscent of the first generation of survival horror games. Using both CCTV cameras and your upgradable RC surveillance unit, you have to keep your eyes and ears sharp in order to take photos and unearth a chilling event that unfolded years ago.

Shutter Critic Reviews

While Shutter probably doesn’t fit in well with most modern horror games, it does a great job of packing a good, creepy punch that’s reminiscent of early horror games.

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games™ Team
3 / 10

The spirit may be willing but the game is weak

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Retro aesthetics are starting to aim for the 90s, and Shutter brings that beautiful, low-res polygonal structure to the forefront. The problem is that it doesn't feel like a full experience. With annoying and clunky controls, a handful of subpar jump scares, and little to actually do, this is more of a trailer for missed opportunities than a fully realized game. The concept of taking photos of creepy areas could have been more, but Shutter seems content just letting the whole thing be.

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[REC] Shutter - Horror Game [Official Trailer]

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