Selenon Rising - Episode 1: Darkness Falls

Sekai Project, Fastermind Games
Apr 29, 2016 - PC
Hardcore Gamer
3 / 5
6 / 10
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Selenon Rising - Episode 1: Darkness Falls Media

Critic Reviews for Selenon Rising - Episode 1: Darkness Falls

As intriguing as the world building is, it does not feel fully fleshed out yet. This is likely due in part to the episodic nature of this series. Selenon Rising Episode 1 is but the first of a four episode set, after all. Even so, aspects such as a budding romance between two characters seems to come much too quickly and feels forced rather than a natural progression. In other aspects, the ratcheting up of drama gets incredibly intense all of a sudden in a way that feels a bit annoying.

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The point-and-click sections seemed lazy and rather poorly thought out; and they're drawn in black and white, a strange choice for an otherwise beautifully colourful game

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