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Available on:PCMay 4, 2016

Developers: Sometimes You, Harotobira

Genre: Interactive Story

You wake up looking at the cell and trying to remember a dream you have seen last night. There are only vague memories in your head - It was something connected with the cosmos and with the frightened astronaut's face. You have no time to think - you have to go to the work. There you create a perfect simulations of a human, called Molds. So your journey through the parks, cemeteries, suburbs and dreams begins. Your adventure is in the City where the sun never sets. It's a surreal mix of classical visual novels, odd choices, cyberpunk, mysticism and everyday life of a man lost in a rapidly changing reality. You'll see the game, inspired by the numerous arthouse films, postmodern literature and dreams that come closer to dawn. This game is the memory of the games that have never existed.

Cyber City 2157 Critic Reviews

Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel is a strange and vibrant game about an ever-changing futuristic city. The branches of the story give you a lot to chew on, but most threads are never tied up. Give it a try if you enjoy open-ended stories that leave you pondering.

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Cyber City 2157 is a jumbled mess of a visual novel that fails to deliver on the core promise of the story. It has numerous avenues to explore but none of them are very interesting. It has a great look to it with retro-tinged graphics and a soundtrack that is surprisingly strong. They don't make up for the awful localization or lazy writing, though.

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Boring as it is strange, ugly as it is atmospheric, and with a storyline that is simply a mess although it has some nice ideas going for it, Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel is not a good, or, at least, comprehensible read. While the concepts it delves in are intriguing, the final outcome is a heavily flawed written piece of pseudo-intellectual science fiction.

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