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General Information

Available on:PCJun 9, 2016

Developer: Siege Games

Genre: Adventure

Embark on an adventure with what little you have and discover what the world of Crea has to offer. Through each action, improve your talents and master many skills. Through each victory, grow in strength and shape yourself. Through each inquiry, unlock new items to craft and build. Through each expedition, explore new realms and uncover Crea’s lore.

Crea Critic Reviews

All in all, I found it difficult to get into Crea in the same way I did for its forefathers. It would be easy for me to say that part of that is down to fatigue with the genre – I have been through it all before, after all. But that is not the main problem I have with this latecomer. The fact is, it just does everything less well.

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Crea is a fairly deep sandbox game that’s capable of keeping a person entertained for hours, and as a bonus can also be played cooperatively for a further nuanced/social experience.

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