Broken Bots

Jun 8, 2016 - PC
8 / 10
Worth Playing
5.5 / 10
The Cube
9 / 10
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Broken Bots Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Broken Bots

Helping your teammates is great and honourable, but watching enemies drive in circles due to inverted controls is pure gold

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The top-down perspective of Broken Bots does enough to catch your attention as the malfunction abilities. Even without any innovative modes at hand, those are enough to make this game worthy of a look, especially at the rather cheap price of $6.99. However, the online issues due to a lack of community and heavy server dependence kill the game, and the single-player mode isn't enough to keep people interested should those aforementioned issues fail to get fixed. It can be a fun title if you know you have a group of friends willing to jump in, but it would be best to pass on this title until the server woes are addressed.

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Broken Bots is the next essential Playstation 4 competitive indie game, and I hope it finds an audience. It’s design elements are smart and rival what’s traditionally seen in it’s genre, and just enough content is there that replayability should last a good while. Overall, it’s a pleasant and greatly enjoyable experience.

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