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Demon Truck

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Game Information

Available on:PCSep 26, 2016

Developer: Triger Mountain

Publisher: Adventurepro Games

Genre: Arcade

A badass rig drives only for the glory of Satan and races with blistering fury towards the Next Hell in this ARCADE ACTION IMMORTAL TRUCKER! From Ludum Dare 34 all the way to Steam, DEMON TRUCK is razor metal action with twitch gameplay, high score leaderboards, and wave after wave of unworthy enemies to throw UNDER THE WHEELS!
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Demon Truck - Launch Trailer

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I can't help but wonder what Demon Truck might be like with a more traditional control scheme, one where the player controls the movement. I frequently felt like I could have done a better job of driving than the demon behind the wheel, and I don't think that's a good sign. Despite the flaws, however, I enjoyed my time with it. From Click to Truck to Truck is Over, it's a fun time waster, and there are definitely worse ways to spend five bucks.

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This is Mad Max Fury Road in a cattle chute.

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