Mad Father

Sep 22, 2016 - PC

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Hardcore Gamer
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Noisy Pixel
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Prima Games
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Critic Reviews for Mad Father

It must be noted that while fortunately the game never had an issue running on my PC, there have been simply too many reports from gamers to ignore the crashes or save bug as a rarity.

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Mad Father is a delightful surprise. It's rare to see a horror adventure that takes full advantage of its limited framework. The puzzles are easy, but they're also creative. They're appropriately themed, and they don't attempt to pass off leaving the player in the dark as some sign of depth. The sprite work is nicely detailed, and everything about the house exudes a high level of polish. The story is very dark and well-told, and gamers will probably experience a wide range of emotions. There are also plenty of genuinely scary and disturbing moments. All in all, this game is highly recommended.

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Mad Father is a legitimate survival horror experience that takes after the seminal Sweet Home. The storyline is genuinely intriguing and disturbing, with a captivating narrative complemented by authentic gameplay systems that create a true survival horror challenge. Despite simple pixel graphics, Mad Father manages to use its excellent sound design to create a horrifying atmosphere. It may lack 8K powered zombies, but there are plenty of scares here for even the most seasoned horror game fans.

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As it stands, Mad Father remains one of the best RPG maker games ever made thanks to its fantastic writing, interesting characters, creepy setting, and enjoyable gameplay. The remake only adds to the things the original game got right, it never detracts from them.

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