Endless Legend - Tempest

Sega, Amplitude Studios
Oct 14, 2016 - PC
Game Revolution
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Bit Cultures
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Endless Legend - Tempest Media

Endless Legend: Tempest Launch Trailer thumbnail

Endless Legend: Tempest Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Endless Legend - Tempest

While this may not come as a surprise, the Tempest expansion has added a lot more *ahem* depth, with its sea-focused expansion. It wastes no time getting to the good parts, and keeps you engaged while you're there. I mean, what other game will let you be a grotesque sea-pirate bent on conquering the planet?

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A lovely farewell to the most innovative 4X Game in years, reworked mechanics and more depth makes Endless Legend now a fully complete package.

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Tempest is a sure-handed, extensive and bold addition to an already remarkable game. Not content with simply adding a little garnish to the meal, Amplitude have re-written the menu.

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