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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSSep 15, 2016

Publisher: Starsign

Genre: Puzzle

Set up a course to make two balls meet at the same place and time in this unique puzzle game. A red and blue ball start from different places in the stage. Position and rotate objects such as slopes and acceleration panels to prepare the path for the balls to travel so they meet at the goal flag at the same time. Once you've set the scene hit Start to trigger the two balls rolling. Can you make the two balls collide at the goal flag at the same time? Collide-a-Ball includes three games modes: Free Play, Wait and Go! and Single Ball Free PlayPosition objects to make the two balls meet at the goal flag at the same time. Wait and Go!Judge the time delay needed between two balls to make them meet at the goal flag at the same time. Single BallPosition objects around the stage to make one ball stop exactly on the goal flag.

Collide-a-Ball Critic Reviews

Collide-a-Ball is mentally exciting, and a rare puzzle gem. It actually convinces the player they may have willed the puzzle solved, just by letting them experiment with the various options they have in front of them. Unfortunately, it's a cracked facade under cheap graphics and formulaic puzzles. Perhaps with a little shine and some added depth, there'd be something a bit more engaging here.

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