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House Of The Dying Sun

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 1, 2016

Developer: Marauder Interactive

Genre: Vehicle Combat

House of the Dying Sun is a tactical space shooter that puts you in the cockpit of the Empire's most deadly interceptor and in command of the Harbinger Fleet. Hunt down the enemies of your dying empire and upgrade your warships with new weapons and abilities earned during your campaign of terror. Classic Space Sim Combat: Fly from the cockpit of the Executor Mk II with gameplay heavily influenced by the titans of yesteryear Take Command: Give orders to any vessel in your fleet from a tactical overview, switch to another fighter, or pause time and carefully consider your next move Replayable Scenarios: Choose one of four increasingly-brutal difficulties in each of the 14 campaign scenarios. Powerful Upgrades: Complete bonus objectives to earn special fleet upgrades such as the Gap Drive or the Kamikaze Chassis. You'll need these to tackle the most difficult scenarios.

House Of The Dying Sun Critic Reviews


No Recommendation / Blank

A thrilling reminder of the golden era of the space genre, House of The Dying Sun is sadly a little too slim to be a breakout hit.

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Smart design conjures up nostalgia for an older generation of space shooters as a bite-size snack that may leave you hungry for a more substantial meal

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In some ways, Dying Sun reminds me of Gunpoint, the terrific single-developer stealth game from 2013. While the games share little in common in terms of style or mechanics, both take a couple of good ideas and expand on them in smart ways without adding flabby padding. Both feel guided by a single vision, and both left me wanting more when the credits rolled.

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