Zachtronics Industries
Nov 17, 2016 - PC
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9 / 10
8 / 10
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SHENZHEN I/O, by Zachtronics thumbnail

SHENZHEN I/O, by Zachtronics

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Critic Reviews for SHENZHEN I/O

Shenzhen I/O is perfect for those that have an interest in programming the old-fashioned way, and those that enjoy experimenting with code-drive electronics, without the hassles and burdens of working for the man. It is a fairly steep learning curve, but that's just the cost of puzzles that provide immense satisfaction when completed.

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SHENZHEN I/O is both a game and a learning tool. Following the path of an educational game like SpaceChem, is offered for free to schools that request it. It is, however, a complex product, difficult to understand and play, with a very steep difficulty curve.

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