Jeroen Wimmers
Feb 17, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Circles

Circles may not be the most feature-packed game, but it sets out with a simple mission, accomplishes it well, and even throws in extra stuff. Maybe I'd have liked to see some more levels, but I still enjoyed what I played. I wouldn't have a hard time recommending it to anyone, either; it doesn't matter what language you speak or what age you are, because Circles has got you covered.

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Circles is a relaxing puzzle game that can still be surprisingly tricky, sometimes exasperatingly so. Making precise movements while taking the level's rotation into account and also keeping the speed up because the circles in the level grow larger the faster you move can take more than a few tries to get past, but those sections are the exception to the move laid-back nature of the rest of the game.

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Circles offers little more than an hour of solid fun, but that hour is full of excellent, smooth gameplay.

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In an industry that likes to hold the player’s hand at every opportunity, telling them when and where to press certain buttons and use certain skills, a game not treating you like an idiot is a breath of fresh air. Some may want a little more from Circles, but the game has set out to accomplish a certain style and it does so with aplomb.

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