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General Information

Available on:PCJun 18, 2017

Developer: Klassen Games

Genre: RPG

SAKeRETSU is an open world turn based RPG with a unique single-use item based combat system built around collecting rare items found by exploring the overworld and defeating monsters. You must traverse the land of MU, the place between life and death, to discover the truth behind your demise. You may capture a monster to aid you on your journey, and accompany you in this desolate land. You must overcome four bosses, each overlooking their own territory. Only once they have been conquered you can face the final boss, the SAKeRETSU.

SAKeRETSU Critic Reviews

For an RPG that's so damn short, SAKeRETSU turns out to be one the worst of its kind, with battles that are very repetitive and simplistic, and mechanics that simply refuse to work. As for the Game Boy art style, it's definitely nice and all, but style is no substitute for substance.

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SAKeRETSU - Launch Trailer | Klassen Games

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