Inverness Nights

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 30, 2017

Developer: kitsubasa

Genre: Interactive Story

Tristram Rose appears to be a simple tailor, living and working in Inverness in Scotland in the mid-18th century, but then, he’s an expert in keeping up appearances. In actuality, Tris is immortal, and has lived centuries moving from town to town in order to leave any suspicions behind him. He also has a remarkable ability: a healing touch which he similarly refrains from using, lest he be labelled a witch. But when love comes knocking, it’s hard to keep cautious. After revealing his powers to save the life of his partner Alasdair, Tris finds himself at risk of exposure – both as someone with supernatural gifts, and as a man who loves other men. By noose or by carriage, Tris is leaving Inverness. If he flees, Tris will lose everything and be left destitute on the streets, but if he stays to earn enough to start a new life, he risks the gallows. Fortunately, at that moment a woman in dubious clothes with an equally dubious background approaches him requesting an expensive commission. Three paths lead forward. Should Tris try to mend his fractured relationship with Alasdair, seek help from his enigmatic client, or dive headlong into work to fund his escape? Help him find his way through his last Inverness nights.

Inverness Nights Critic Reviews

Inverness Nights tells a unique, unpredictable and touching story which encourages audiences to foster an empathy for its main cast, and the result is an emotional payoff which cannot be understated.

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