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Miitopia (3DS Edition)

Jul 28, 2017 - Nintendo 3DS

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Game Rant
3 / 5
Metro GameCentral
4 / 10
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7.5 / 10
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2.5 / 5
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Miitopia - Casting Call Trailer (Nintendo 3DS) thumbnail

Miitopia - Casting Call Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

Miitopia - Adventure awaits your Tomodachi Life friends! (Nintendo 3DS) thumbnail

Miitopia - Adventure awaits your Tomodachi Life friends! (Nintendo 3DS)

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Critic Reviews for Miitopia (3DS Edition)

This quasi-followup to Tomodachi Life is a wacky, time-consuming RPG that blends moments of zany glee with the realization that it's not an innovation within the genre.

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Metro GameCentral

4 / 10
Metro GameCentral

Not much more than an expanded StreetPass game, and while the Mii integration is cute the shallow gameplay is just frustrating and dull.

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Systems outshine any real storytelling in this oddball RPG. Creating characters based on your friends is a silly way to enjoy this long ride

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Once the silliness of Miitopia wears off, you're left with a cute and repetitive RPG.

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This RPG won't revolutionize the genre in any sense, but as a breezy riff on a familiar formula, Miitopia is a pure delight.

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Miitopia feels like a missed opportunity. It's a game that starts and ends strong, but falters in the many, many hours in-between. Its jokes and gags quickly grew stale, and its charm wore off quickly. And then it kept going, for dozens of hours on end. I imagine if players are on the hunt for a game that's slightly more complex than what they'd find in Street Pass plaza, Miitopia might be that game for them. For players hunting for more hilarious and unpredictable antics from Miis like they once saw from Tomodachi Life, it seems like that dream remains just that. A dream.

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With the easy 30-hour campaign behind me, I'm having a great deal of fun with the post-game content. There are new maps to unlock, new classes to discover, and daily quests I can conquer. I could easily stop playing now and dive into something a bit meatier, but the pleasant nature of Miitopia, as well as seeing so many poorly recreated famous faces in random roles, is a curio that deserves to be kept in my 3DS until I see it through to the very end.

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In an industry where it seems like just about everything has been tried before, Miitopia's willingness to try something new is commendable, albeit uninteresting in execution. It's a simple game with a couple great ideas that are often let down by a story that is too timid to step outside its comfort zone.

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