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Aug 10, 2017 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Phantom Trigger Launch Trailer

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Phantom Trigger - Pre-Launch Trailer. Coming Aug 10!

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Phantom Trigger Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Phantom Trigger

Phantom Trigger certainly has the elements to be a good and unique game on its own, thanks to its unmatched atmosphere and combat system. However it quickly loses out due to the short term repetitiveness that quickly takes over, as well as to the lack of variety of its enemies and goals, which mean that ultimately the game's promises go unfulfilled.

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Sadly, Phantom Trigger is over as soon as it hits its stride. It takes only about 5 hours or so to play through, though this can be extended if you’re set on uncovering every little detail and pick-up. For $15, it’s not a bad deal, but Phantom Trigger is a unique and surreal experience – one I hoped would have lasted a little longer. If you’re a fan of Hyper Light Drifter, Kamiko, and other games of this little RPG sub genre, Phantom Trigger comes recommended.

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Phantom Trigger, at least the Switch version, should’ve been delayed.

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Ultimately, Phantom Trigger lacks any new ideas out of its own, and fails to be more than a passing imitation of the classics that spawned this genre, or be visually appealing like its contemporaries.

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Hi-bit visuals in an action-adventure game with RPG elements and alternate endings built by a team of two?! Need I say more?

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Not only is Phantom Trigger agonising to play, but it is also really mind-numbingly boring. The game's cycle is just going through linear areas, being forced to fight, and then having to do a 'Simon Says' style memory game. There are some unremarkable boss battles, with no fun factor at all, all following a very similar formula. At about five hours, this kind of game doesn't seem long, but five hours for Phantom Trigger feels like real hard work. The only saving graces are some attempt at having some visual style and some interesting looking designs.

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Phantom Trigger is definitely not for casual gamers, as it is obvious from the fact that the game starts on the Hard difficulty setting. If you're up for the challenge, you'll find a great looking action game with an interesting story and more than enough content to justify your purchase. But if you're easily frustated, you should definitely avoid this one since you're going to hate it.

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The enemies and objectives don't really change for the most part, but at least they give you a reasonable challenge. The game is perfectly fine with those looking for something quick and flashy, but don't expect something you will remember months from now. With 6 hours on the counter, it's over before you know it.

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