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General Information

Available on:PCAug 8, 2017

Developer: Domino Digital Limited

Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

Genres: Interactive Story, Puzzle

Combining myth, fantasy and sci-fi, Peregrine’s story is a moving take on the struggle to overcome both personal and collective loss – beautifully realised in an epic mythical style. Take control of Abi as she leaves her scavenger tribe to embark upon an epic journey into the wastelands of the divide. Mysterious monoliths and strange artefacts await her there, revealing the secrets of these fallen lands. Peregrin's absorbing gameplay revolves around the use of Abi's arcane powers. Use them to take temporary control of the creatures you encounter - from simple animals to the divide's hostile guardians. Turn the unique abilities of each creature to your advantage in solving puzzles and surviving battles.

Peregrin Critic Reviews

Peregrin's simplistic puzzles, technical quirks, and uninteresting combat hold back an adequate tale of a hero's desolate journey into a lost and fractured land.

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While overly simplistic puzzles are a pity, there's an engaging narrative in Peregrin that keeps this indie adventure ticking along

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Peregrin - Trailer (PC)

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Peregrin - Launch Trailer (Short)

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Peregrin - Combat Gameplay (PC)


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