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Mononoke Forest

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSMay 25, 2017

Publisher: Gamedo

Genres: Action, Simulation

Mononoke Forest is a heart-warming simulation game where you build up a village of adorable Mononoke characters and use their mysterious power to bring a village back to life! Take hold of the Mononoke with the stylus and fling them upwards and into the village in the top screen. Attack monsters, recover damaged land and recruit new Mononoke! Group together multiple Mononoke and fling them together for different powers! Collect various types of Mononoke and select your team members depending on each challenge, such as cleaning the polluted air or growing grass on desolated land. Level up and evolve your Mononoke for increased abilities and team them together to increase their power. Develop the village in your own way by placing buildings as you like. Choose to place shops and theme parks, and create your own unique village! Use StreetPass to show other players the village you created, and see how they have created theirs!

Mononoke Forest Reviews

Mononoke Forest provides a surprisingly good time for a very small price tag. Bubble Bobble meets Animal Crossing, this delightfully quirky game is easy to pick up and shockingly hard to put down. While the story isn't anything revolutionary, it's entertaining, and the monster designs, particularly for the Hazard Mononoke, are stellar.

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Mononoke Forest is difficult to recommend, because the learning curve is difficult to describe. Honestly, it's enough to make many gamers turn away, and for good reason. If one were to get past the obnoxious controls and the initially confusing gameplay, however, there's something enjoyable buried here - it's a shame that it's so frustrating getting to it, though.

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