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General Information

Available on:PCSep 1, 2017

Developer: Dimitrios Floros

Publisher: Loresoft

Genre: Arcade

Remember the good old days at the arcade? Spending every last quarter on your favorite video game and still wanting more?Well, you can live those moments again...with infinite quarters! Fight through forests and caves defeating enemies and collecting gold.. Reach the evil wizard's castle and defeat him to save the queen.. In Xenia you will be able to control a blacksmith named ARDAS. The evil wizard SKOTOS kidnapped queen Xenia in order to use her blood to become powerful. After the royal army was sent to Troy in aid of King Achilles, ARDAS has to accomplish a very difficult task. Save the queen at any cost. The game has been developed by only one person, Dimitrios Floros, after 8 months of work. It’s a side-scrolling Metroidvania style Platform in which you collect gold and use it to buy items from the Magic shop. Xenia has 12 levels, 7 bosses and makes use of secret rooms and alternative endings. Progress is being done by checkpoints and gameplay is fast-paced. KEY FEATURES -Old style arcade -12 stages -7 bosses -Secret rooms -Quick respawn -Magic shop -Different endings -Checkpoints -Autosave -Simple controls

Xenia Reviews

Xenia may have the heart, but it feels more like a student project than a fully fleshed out title. It lacks polish in every area, even to the point where it goes from feeling charming for it and moves right over into being annoying. It still manages to function as a game, though, and for that, it may be worth a bit of your time if this sort of game peaks your interest.

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If you can ignore the various issues related to the technical side of the game, Xenia will offer you a solid challenge that's worth experiencing.

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