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General Information

Available on:HTC ViveAug 29, 2017

Developer: Trebuchet

Genre: Simulation

Prison Boss VR is a crafting and trading game using room-scale to turn your VR space into a jail cell! Craft cigarettes, alcohol and cookies for other inmates! Customize your cell as your reputation grows! Earn cash until you can’t store it anymore and become the Prison Boss! When night falls, you’re free to craft anything you have the materials for. However, be sure to stay alert, as guards are patrolling and will put an end to your doings as soon as they spot your belongings. When the guards come, hide your things in your furniture to get through the night without losing the items you worked so hard for. Take jobs to unlock new possibilities and grow your reputation. Trade stuff to earn money, so you can buy more materials for crafting. Find the balance between crafting for jobs and trading for money. Try to progress while earning enough cash to acquire new tools and improve your jail cell. To learn every crafting recipe, you’ll need to become the Prison Boss of all 4 jails and escape from them! If you want to test your skills, go into Arcade mode where every material is unlocked right from the start and fight the clock to craft the most items you can! 11 Different Items Available For Crafting 4 Prisons With Over 80 Jobs to Complete Unlockable Arcade Mode Play VR room-scale the way it was meant to be played Great jazzy soundtrack!

Prison Boss VR Reviews

The VR market is still in it's early days and much of what's available is so called "on rail shooters" so it's nice to have something a bit different. Something that uses the space extremely well and gives us a bit of humour with not a zombie in site.

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CryMor Gaming

CryMor Gaming
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8.5 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Prison Boss VR is like Pringles, once you get started you don’t want to stop until you escape or die trying! Well, maybe not die, more like ‘get caught’. I would class the game as more of a ‘resource management’ type of game than anything else as you’re constantly having to ensure you have enough materials bought during the day so you can craft at night in order to both satisfy inmates and raise a bit of cash. It does get quite intense as more elaborate crafting comes into play and more guards begin to patrol differently, but as long as you stay cool, you’ll be fine! Also, due to the look and feel of the game, I’d say it’s suitable for people of all ages.

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